The 2020 Horse Farm Tour has been cancelled. It is simply not responsible to go forward with the event under current circumstances. Although bicycling may be an excellent way to exercise during this crisis, holding the Horse Farm Tour presents too many risks to everyone involved. The registration process, rest stops and post ride meal force riders and our volunteers to be in close proximity. Many of our volunteers are in the higher risk age group and we do not want to take any chance with anyone! Additionally, although cycling is generally a safe endeavor, we don’t want to put additional burden on our local Emergency Medical Services should an accident occur during the HFT.

     During the next few days we are making certain everyone who registered will receive a full refund.

The next club meeting will be Wednesday, March 3, 2021 via Zoom. Meeting invitation will be sent the day before or day of the meeting.

Club Officers for 2020/2021:


President Joe Montminy

V.P. Jeff Baylis

Treasurer Amy Kolander

Secretary Joanne Baylis


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