2014 Horse Farm Tour

2013 Club Picnic at Lake Heritage, Gettysburg, PA 

Labor Day Century Harney rest stop Photos Courtesy Sunni Le Hanover Cyclers volunteer.

The next club meeting will be Wednesday, April 7, 2021 via Zoom. Meeting invitation will be sent the day before or day of the meeting.

Club Officers for 2020/2021:


President Joe Montminy

V.P. Jeff Baylis

Treasurer Amy Kolander

Secretary Joanne Baylis


Tweets from Hanover Cyclers Club @HanoverCyclers

Pennsylvania Top 50 Cycling Club

Our club has been recognized as as one of Pennsylvania's Top 50 Cycling Clubs by Biking.com readers. You can see the Top 50 list which includes our club at www.biking.com/top50-pennsylvania.html

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