Challenge yourself in 2023!

This year the Hanover Cyclers is challenging its club members to get out and climb! Bike to the top of High Rock Road W and take a selfie! Send the selfie to hrc@hanovercyclers.org to enter, and keep an eye each month for a group ride to the top!


See below for the 5 ways to the top on the map!


Club members who complete at least 6 times this year will get a certificate of participation and the rider with the most times up will recieve a special gift at the club Christmas party!



2023 Leaderboard

Dafna Reiner

Current summits: 1

Dafna gets her 1st in 2023!

Gary Wilson

Current Summits: 1

Gary scores his first ascent of the year, 2023!

Eric McGillvray

Current Summits: 1

Eric is on board in  2023!

Marc Rosen

Current Summits:1

Marc starts the year out right with his first climb, 2023!

Jeff Little

Current Summits: 3

 #3 up Glatco Road approach.

Phil Topper

Current Summits:1

Phil scores his 1st for 2023!

Harry Wildasin

Current Summits: 1

Harry rides old school bike for his 1st of 2023!

Your name here

Current Summits: 0

Get on board in 2023!


High Rock Challenge Past Champions


Participant Name Year

Total Summits

Allen Bunn 2022 15
Bob Callahan 2021 18
Rodger Altland



Jim Kappes 2019 101
Bob Van Campen 2018 82




2023 High Rock Challenge Participant Scoreboard

Dafna Reiner 1/1/2023 1
Marc Rosen 1/1/2023


Eric McGillvray 1/1/2023 1
Jeff Little


Gary Wilson 1/1/2023


Harry Wildasin


Phil Topper 1/1/2023 1

▼ Pictures of our Riders at the top of High Rock ▼

5 Ways to the Top!

Challenge yourself to climb High Rock via one of the 5 different routes to the top!

Via High Rock Road N

Coming off Youngs Road, turn onto High Rock N. Steep grade at the very bottom, this way flattens out towards the top.


Challenge: Medium

Via Glatco Lodge Road

The easiest way - take Glatco Lodge Rd and make a left on Moulstown Rd at the end. Make another left onto High Rock N for the final short but steep climb!

Challenge: Easy to Medium

Via Moulstown Rd

Approaching from the North off Route 30, take Moulstown Rd going south and prepare for a long grinding climb past Maple Grove. Just when you want it to end, make a right on High Rock and climb more!

Challenge: Medium to Hard

Via Gnatstown Road

Take Gnatstown Road starting in Bunch Creek heading west. After a mile and a half you'll come to Moulstown Road, where you'll cross and make the final climb up the back of High Rock N!

Challenge: Hard 

Via Beaver Creek to High Rock W

This is possibly the hardest way to the top - and one of the most satisfying! Take Beaver Creek off of Maple Grove and make a left onto High Rock W. There is a short steep hill immediately, then it levels off a bit - until the last mind melting 18% (via Garmin) grade in the last eighth of a mile. No shame in walking!

Challenge: Very Hard!

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