Challenge yourself in 2018!

This year the Hanover Cyclers is challenging its club members to get out and climb! Bike to the top of High Rock Road W and take a selfie! Send the selfie to rides@hanovercyclers.org to enter, and keep an eye each month for a group ride to the top!


See below for the 5 ways to the top on the map!


Club members who complete at least 6 times this year will get a certificate of participation. Members who complete at least 10 times will get a commemorative patch, and the rider with the most times up will recieve a special gift at the club Christmas party! 


NEXT GROUP RIDE June 23rd at 1 p.m. at Food Lion!



Challenge Leaderboard!

Steve Lawrence

Current summits: 20

6 Months in and 20 summits! Steve is a climbing monster!

Bob Van Campen

Current Summits: 12

Bob is turning up the heat on Steve! Can he catch him?

Craig Murray

Current Summits: 8

Craig is in 3rd place, can he stay ahead of Bryan?

Bryan Eckert

Current Summits: 6

Bryan seems to have slacked off a bit, will he let the others pass him?

2018 High Rock Challenge Participant Scoreboard


Participant Name Last Summit Total Summits
Bryan Eckert May 12th


Craig Murray June 6th 8
Dafna Reiner May 12th 3
Jeff Little May 1st 5
Jim Shea March 31st 1
Joe Montminy March 31st 3
John Keenan April 14th 2
Peggy Miller April 14th 3
Ralph Jodice March 18th 4
Rich Miller May 12th 2
Rob Greenholt April 13th 2
Scott Daubert June 3rd 3
Steve Lawrence June 17th 20
Tiffany Orndorff Stultz May 12th 1
Temple Price March 24th 2
William Smith April 14th 1
Bob VanCampen

June 17th


High Rock Challenge 2018

Photos of our club riders at the top of High Rock!

5 Ways to the Top!

Challenge yourself to climb High Rock via one of the 5 different routes to the top!

Via High Rock Road N

Coming off Youngs Road, turn onto High Rock N. Steep grade at the very bottom, this way flattens out towards the top.


Challenge: Medium

Via Glatco Lodge Road

The easiest way - take Glatco Lodge Rd and make a left on Moulstown Rd at the end. Make another left onto High Rock N for the final short but steep climb!

Challenge: Easy to Medium

Via Moulstown Rd

Approaching from the North off Route 30, take Moulstown Rd going south and prepare for a long grinding climb past Maple Grove. Just when you want it to end, make a right on High Rock and climb more!

Challenge: Medium to Hard

Via Gnatstown Road

Take Gnatstown Road starting in Bunch Creek heading west. After a mile and a half you'll come to Moulstown Road, where you'll cross and make the final climb up the back of High Rock N!

Challenge: Hard 

Via Beaver Creek to High Rock W

This is possibly the hardest way to the top - and one of the most satisfying! Take Beaver Creek off of Maple Grove and make a left onto High Rock W. There is a short steep hill immediately, then it levels off a bit - until the last mind melting 18% (via Garmin) grade in the last eighth of a mile. No shame in walking!

Challenge: Very Hard!

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